Engineering and Building Specialists

We offer a broad range of design, planning and consulting services for new strata construction, and work on existing buildings and structures, including modifications, investigative and remedial engineering and change use/code upgrades. These engineering services normally require extensive work and attention to details which our team can confidently deliver, anytime.

Our value proposition

Clients are our priority who deserve the best strata engineering services, and this is an essential tenet to our corporate growth. We seek mutually enduring, professional and helpful teaming relationships with strata property owners and managers who rely on our services, share similar objectives and have the same set of core values and culture.

At Australian Engineering Specialists, we understand that every project requires a personal approach, attention to details and a team with the right set technical and professional skills. As a leading research and consulting firm based in Sydney, NSW, Australia, our experienced team provides responsive engineering services, with a strong focus on consulting services for new construction and strata remediation.

Australian Engineering Specialists was formed to provide the market with competent professionals and engineering consultants for planning, reporting and investigation services to residential strata property owners, investors and business managers. Our broad range of services also include building expansion and modifications, or other custom strata engineering-related services that our clients may request.

Effective Management through Our Core Values

In the pursuit of providing the market with strata engineering services, our team is guided by its three core values- integrity, communication and environmental responsibility. As a company that is committed to integrity, our team puts emphasis on maintaining high moral and professional standards and doing efficient and superior work at all times, as opposed to simply completing the job and avoiding misconduct.

At Australian Engineering Specialists, we put a premium at communication, and it all starts even before a project starts. We understand that if we put the concerns of our clients first and take care of their needs, any complex project can be completed on time, in the best quality possible.

Finally, we take environmental responsibility seriously. We are committed to completing all strata engineering operations with high degree of environmental sensitivity, in a responsible manner.

All these values are integrated with a proactive approach to scheduling, project personnel continuity and consistency. Our approach to effective management help increases project efficiency, and results to strata projects that are completed in time, within the set budget.

Teaming with Australian Engineering Specialists

When it comes too strata engineering services and consultation in Sydney, NSW and nearby areas, Australian Engineering Specialists provides the leadership and the services that you expect. Australian Engineering Specialists promotes a TEAM approach to every strata project. We recognize the mutual benefits that comes with proactive collaboration with each member of the project team. In principle, we continually strive to find clients and partners that understand and demonstrate the same passion for a TEAM approach. With this commitment to leadership and teamwork, we constantly delivers value to every client, in every project that we work on.

As our client, we make sure that you don’t only receive the property with all requirements checked on the specs sheet. We aim to make you happy, and ensure that our team becomes your first port of call for all projects related to strata engineering in Sydney, NSW and beyond.

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