BASIX Assessments

BASIX Assessment Services From Australian Engineering Specialists Before embarking on construction or development, companies involved in residential construction need to have all their permits, certifications, and paperwork in order. One of the most important of these is the BASIX certification. BASIX certifications are a government response to increasing community concerns about environmental damage, pollution, and related […]

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Services Successful structural engineering relies on the engineers’ ability to fully comprehend the needs and goals of their clients. Combined with a keen knowledge of fundamental and advanced engineering principles, standards, methodologies, and technologies, this understanding allows skilled structural engineers to realise the cohesive vision for each project. Australian Engineering Specialists brings all […]

Building Compliance and Reporting Service

As your preferred building consultancy experts in Sydney, NSW, Australian Engineering Specialists, our company can serve as your reliable consultants and provider of required industry reports and certifications. As a building consultant, our team can provide help in both the general and specific tasks, to ensure the proper management of the building. Our building consultancy […]

Remedial Engineering and Strata

Our team believes that an efficient and truly successful remedial engineering service is not just to keep a building standing; it requires an appreciation and detailing of each structural element. In principle, the correct detailing of all structural elements should be done during the design and planning process. Unfortunately, this is not the case for every […]

Project Management

Through integration of our experience, skills set of team members and technology, we are able to develop engineering procedures that allow us to confidently design, plan and execute even the most complex strata engineering projects to the satisfaction of our clients, with minimal margin of errors. Our portfolio of strata management and projects involves the […]

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