Building Compliance and Reporting Service

Building Compliance and Reporting Service

As your preferred building consultancy experts in Australia, our company can serve as your reliable consultants and provider of required industry reports and certifications. As a building consultant, our team can provide help in both the general and specific tasks, to ensure the proper management of the building. Our building consultancy services can start during the pre-planning stage, and help guide property owners in the design of the building. Our scope of work extends into commercial buildings and acquisition surveys, retail design, project management, office design and many more. As an experienced team of building consultants, we strive to minimize risks, manage liabilities and streamline the construction and management of a strata building. If you choose us to become your building consultants, you put your strata building project in safe hands.

Reports and Assessments We Provide

As a leading building consultancy company in Australia, our team can also provide you with industry reports and assessments for construction or compliance purposes. At Australian Engineering Specialists Pty Ltd, we can provide building defect reports, dilapidation reports, structural diagnostics, expert opinions, feasibility studies and durability assessments.

Building Defect Reports. These are faults and defects in the original construction of the strata building or problems that have been triggered by faults made during the original construction. There are instances when these defects are caused by poor repairs done on the building. Whatever the cause of these defects, it’s important that these are reported and addressed immediately.

Our team can assess the strata building, and identify the possible causes of damage through forensic methodology, and provide support for such assessments. Building defects are common and that when left untouched, it can compromise the structural integrity and looks of the building. It is also important to note that the repair and remediation of the strata property can be a complex undertaking that requires the understanding and help of different stakeholders. Our strata reporting service can help identify the building defects, and coordinate with property owners and stakeholders to ensure a streamlined approach to the remediation process.

Dilapidation Reports. As a practice, dilapidation reports are requested and filed as a form of protection against unjustified and false claims that may happen related to remediation or repair works. Our dilapidation reports will document and describe the existing state of existing constructions and should provide peace of mind for strata owners, building managers and property owners.

Structural Diagnostics. Similar to building defect reports, the structural diagnostics provide an assessment of the structural integrity of the building. More than that, these reports involve not just the causes for deterioration, but the risks and consequences involved. Once the initial assessment has been completed, we recommend the right remediation works that can be performed. Time of diagnosis is critical here as it can prevent further damages to property and tenant safety.

Expert Opinions. At times, our team is called upon to offer expert opinions regarding properties or to undertake forensic investigations of the infrastructure and structural engineering issues which can be used as part or against legal claims. With years worth of experience in structural engineering and committal to provide the best services to our clients, our expert opinions and recommendations can prove helpful in legal and insurance disputes.

Feasibility Studies. We also provide building remediation feasibility study, which focuses on the requirement for remediation works, and assess the potential performance and the costs involved for all options available. For example, a rooftop swimming pool of a strata property is already leaking, and there are a number of remediation options that can be taken. The feasibility study can explain all options and costs involved when one is chosen over the other. In short, a feasibility study that we can provide can serve as a management tool so that a strata manager/property owner can make an informed decision.

Durability Assessments. Buildings have their ‘design lives’, or the length of time that it is expected to perform and of service provided that the recommended maintenance steps have been performed. This building lifespan varies, depending on the quality of the construction materials used, and engineering approaches used. By signing up for a durability assessment report, you can assess the performance of the construction in detail, assist in the maintenance and remediation works in the future.