Project Management

Project Management

Through the integration of our experience, skills set of team members and technology, we are able to develop engineering procedures that allow us to confidently design, plan and execute even the most complex engineering projects to the satisfaction of our clients, with a minimal margin of errors. Our portfolio of structural and civil engineering management and projects involves the following tasks and procedures:

  • Extensive design, construction and project management experience.
  • Proven linkage and relationships with trade contractors to ensure that our clients and partners will receive the best pricing, for high-quality materials.
  • Direct supervision of the construction process, and maintenance of responsive communication channels with our teams, clients and stakeholders during the entire process.
  • Provision of sustainable renewal and maintenance schedules after the completion of construction.
  • Online database for customers and clients for streamlined communications, and responsive follow-up reporting.

Our Project Management Approach and Methodology

We take on a straightforward approach to project management. In following these stages of project management, we make sure that our customers and clients are always in the communication loop to ensure accurate and efficient execution of expectations and project requirements.

  1. Design and Specifications. Considered as a critical phase in project management, the Design and Specifications phase requires the complete participation of the client. We have worked with 3000 clients across Australia, and this extensive experience can help us design the most effective and cost-effective projects to suit our client’s needs.
  2. Tendering. This is a phase in project management that involves a selection process to identify the choice of a general contractor, who is in charge of the construction process. In the selection process, our company only considers the most reliable and certified contractors in the area who can offer a consistent and high-quality product and service. Our services and assistance during the phase of project management are:
    • Development and collection of bid documents
    • Provision of guidance in choosing acceptable bidders
    • Acceptance and screening of bid documents
    • Accommodation of documents
  3. Guidance and provision of advice to clients, property owners and much more
  4. Field Reviews. This is an on-going process, with the intent of promoting compliance. The reviews are often conducted and coordinated between contractors and consultants, and often done with documentations and recording which can be used when communicating with clients.
  5. Administration of Contract and Oversight. Our team can represent your interests throughout the construction process. During this phase, we will provide client reports regarding the pace and quality of work that is being done. To ensure reliable and complete reporting, our team will rely on a streamlined communication channel, where clients and stakeholders are involved and informed every step of the way. Administration of contracts may involve the following tasks/procedures:
    • Dissemination of contract documents
    • Provision of additional instruction and requirements to the chosen contractor
    • Review of work for regulatory compliance purposes
    • Reject works that may not pass compliance or quality control
    • Issuance of charge orders
    • Confirmation of values owed
    • Identification of deficiencies
    • Issuance of certificate for payment

As a leading construction and civil engineering company, we strive to ensure quality, safety and compliance with established codes, within the set budget.

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