Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering Services

Successful structural engineering relies on the engineers’ ability to fully comprehend the needs and goals of their clients. Combined with a keen knowledge of fundamental and advanced engineering principles, standards, methodologies, and technologies, this understanding allows skilled structural engineers to realise the cohesive vision for each project.

Australian Engineering Specialists brings all of the above together to deliver proficient and professional structural engineering solutions that are among the most highly regarded in Sydney and surrounding communities in Australia. We successfully move every project through their different stages—from consultation and design ideation to tendering and construction.

Over the years, we have invested considerable resources in attracting skillful structural engineers and developing them into seasoned professionals. This rich engineering experience has allowed for us to build long-lasting relationships with our clients.

Our structural engineering services include the following:

New Building Design and Construction

Working in synergy with property owners, stakeholders, and design professionals, our structural engineers devise elegant solutions for projects of all kinds, magnitude, and level of intricacy. Our expertise includes the design and construction of houses, apartments, townhouses, multi-unit buildings, strata buildings, commercial and retail complexes, industrial warehouses, and many more.

Structural Design

Our engineers work with architects and designers to come up with beautiful, practical, and safe building designs that successfully take into account the demands of dimensions, loads, and materials—be it concrete, steel, timber, or masonry.

Review of Existing Structures

Australian Engineering Specialists can perform comprehensive reviews of existing structures in order to come up with detailed reports like dilapidation surveys and structural engineering reports. These are professional assessments of the present state of the property, which are important if any subsequent work or renovation is desired.

Testing and Compliance

Our engineers use leading-edge techniques and technological tools in order to carry out professional appraisals of a structure’s defects. Determining areas of non-compliance with industry standards and specifying them in a document like a building defects report is a necessary step toward rectifying any deficiencies that may be found.

Building Refurbishment

Australian Engineering Specialists is prepared to help you breathe new life into your old property and transform it into a revitalised space that is in tune with the modern times. From conversions to renovations, you can count on us to do what is needed to take your building to the next level.

Temporary Works

Australian Engineering Specialists is able to design and construct temporary works, which are essential for the eventual completion of the permanent elements of a structure. These can include the scaffolding, propping and shoring structures, falsework, formwork, trench supports, crane supports, and many others.

Excavation and Demolition Assessments

If your project requires excavation and demolition, our team of experts will perform thorough assessments to ensure the safety of both people and the environment. It is important to determine what sort of materials and debris will be released by the processes and what methodologies can be best employed to contain and dispose the residual waste.

Fit Out Design

Once construction of your property or structure has been completed, final fit out is necessary to make it as habitable and as comfortable as possible. Australian Engineering Specialists can help you with fit out design and construction, which involves elements like flooring and ceiling details, mechanical and electrical services, lighting fixtures, kitchen and bathroom fittings, and specialist amenities.

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