Surveying and Photogrammetry

Surveying and Photogrammetry

We offer a range of Surveying Services by specialists in major construction projects, civil infrastructure, mining, and other land developments.

Our team provides a high level of experience and professionalism and can assist you in finding quality cost-effective solutions to meet your surveying requirements.

We are available for projects large and small throughout Australia and include the ability to attend remote locations when required.

3d Laser Scanning

3D Laser Scanning

We use terrestrial laser scanners as a measuring device which is a contact-free system which and collects dense point-clouds of objects.

We process these objects assigning X, Y, Z coordinates, colour and a reflectance value. This process offers an extremely precise, measurable range of scanned surfaces.

Although new, 3d Laser Scanning is becoming an ever more important tool for projects through accurately mapping objects and terrain.

Aerial Photogrammetry and Surveying with drones

Aerial Photogrammetry and Surveying

More projects now require less invasive techniques when surveying terrain, bush and forestry.

Aerial photogrammetry combines photography with surveying and mapping from an elevated vantage point. This allows teams to accurately measure distances between objects. With the software we are able to create detailed, user-friendly 3D renderings.

Find out more about this low impact, cost-effective method which can assist in the planning of your project.


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